Nothing Rocks Like a ProBox!

ProBox is the nation's leader in automobile subwoofer enclosures and the people's choice for the ultimate experience in quality workmanship and sound. ProBox holds the title for '91-'92 U.S.A.C. world champion, unlimited spl. With over 25 years of sound design behind us, it's obvious why ProBox comes out in the lead.

What's Special About ProBox?

The ProBox enclosure is made from HDF (high density fiberboard) with the computer-controlled precision of CNC routers. We have created a special style of assembly that we call "The Stack". The HDF is cut into layers that conform to the contours of the truck or car floor. The frame of the box is then glued and nailed together one layer at a time. Once assembled, the entire enclosure is sanded to a seamless finish and our special ProBox Armor Coat is applied.

This unique form, with all the exact multiple layering, was designed to give the most air space available with our subwoofers.

Notice in the "exploded" photo how we curved the ports to fit around the ProBox subwoofers' magnets. The design of our High Density Fiberboard enclosure, with its precision-engineered air space cavity and perfectly positioned ports and subwoofers, produces the most acoustical horsepower available.

To achieve maximum performance, we recommend using an amp with "Bass Boost" and a 12 to 18 dB boost at 45 Hz with the crossover point at 90 Hz and down. With gains set correctly and "Bass Boost" turned on, your ProBox will deliver an awesome performance you will want to show off to all your friends.

ProBox Roof-top Stereo Systems

The ProBox roof-top stereo system is extremely rigid and can tolerate repeated abuse. All ProBox tops can endure wind speeds of 100+ mph while being hauled to and from your favorite riding destination.

ProBox tops are constructed from multiple layers of 1/2", waterproof, ultralite fiberglass composite, then sealed with our ProBox Armor Coating. Each piece of the ultralite fiberglass composite is made up of two layers of woven fiberglass fabric and three layers of counter strand. The outer rim has three laminated pieces creating 15 layers for added strength which enables it to withstand hard hitting blows that may come from overhead.

The design of our fiberglass composite top, with its engineered air space cavity, 6 1/2" "injection woven" woofer with aluminum dome tweeter, and built-in 2-way crossovers ensures greater clarity in the midrange and crispness in the highs. Nothing Rocks like a ProBox!

Cleaning the roof-top stereo system is no problem. Simply close the marine cover and power wash the complete roof system — speakers and all. Be safe, have fun and enjoy the best roof-top stereo system on the market.

All of our ProBox enclosures and tops come with a one year warranty (original receipt from date of purchase required for warranty work).