CC7112L-800 Fits 2007-13 Chevy/GMC Crew Cab


  • Power handling: 800 W RMS; 2.5" coil

“I just wanted to let you know that I have had the ProBox in my truck for a couple of weeks and am blown away with it. Regardless of what style of music I am playing, the ProBox really fills in the low end with tight, punchy bass or it can get really boomy without sounding distorted. You were right when you said that people would not be able to guess what size sub I am running. Most have guessed a 12” or a pair of 10”s and the look on their face is pretty interesting when I show them the final product. Based off the response I have received from the people who have heard it in person, I would not be surprised to see a couple new ProBox subs and enclosures show up in the area.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions prior to purchasing your product. Your recommendations were right on, and I could not be happier with the results as this system sounds great with my factory Bose speakers."

Dan N.

MSRP: $650

Assembled in the USA with parts from China. Availability, pricing, descriptions and specifications subject to change without notice.

Enclosures Not Sold Empty.

ProBox subs are specifically designed to be used with ProBox enclosure formulas.

See this box AMPED!

Important Technical Bulletin

Please refer to this Technical Bulletin for proper installation and settings for your ProBox enclosure. Improper installation may cause clipping and over-powering, which leads to burnt voice coils. Our one year warranty protects against manufacturer’s defects only—not burnt coils! An original receipt from date of purchase is required for warranty work.

View Technical Bulletin

Need More Help?

If you need further assistance with tuning your system, please request support on our contact page, and a technician will contact you. The procedure takes 15 to 20 minutes. Our goal is to ensure you are getting maximum results from your new system, and that all settings are correct to prevent clipping. At full volume, you should have 100% clarity.

Example of burnt coils