BTR-15 Bluetooth Controller with Mini-DIN Connector

Module Functions

  • USB port can charge and play MP3 music, and Type-C port can charge with wire for renote control from BTR-15-R
  • After module powers on, it will enter pairing mode (LED flashes red and blue). Go to your cellphone's Bluetooth settings, and connect to the Bluetooth device "ProBox". Once connected, the speaker will broadcast "ProBox Rocks!".
  • Once connected to Bluetooth, the blue LED will turn on and the red LED will turn off.
  • To switch between Bluetooth and Music Reader modes: Double press (within 1s) the center knob (the up and down arrows' LED will change to white).
  • Power Off (Bluetoon or Music Reader mode): Long press the center knob (3s)
  • Play/Pause (Bluetooth mode): Single press the center knob
  • Volume Control: Rotate the center knob clockwise to increase volume or counter-clockwise to decrease volume
  • When Bluetooth or Music Reader mode is powered on, remote out wire will output 12V signal to power up amplifier.
  • In Bluetooth mode, the backlight will change to red when no device has been connected to the module for two minutes. The module will turn off when no device has been connected for 20 minutes.

MSRP: $140